organic + organized

This phrase could be used to describe our design aesthetic and our business approach. It’s all about you. We completely understand that event planning can be overwhelming and that it’s a big investment, so our design team walks you through the process, making it fun and easy and ensuring that all the creative details of your event come together. Our primary goal is for you to be able to relax, knowing you are in good hands. 


We sit down and learn more about you. What’s your favorite restaurant? What kind of interior design do you love? What textures and materials excite you? How did you meet? What do you do for a living? All of these details help us help you create an event that speaks to who you are. Our designs usually start with a single idea or inspiration and grow organically….


We are artists at heart. We love to create. And we also love to have fun and make the planning process feel effortless. Behind the scenes, no detail goes unnoticed. We are your partner, and we want you to feel confident that when you arrive on the big day, your expectations will be exceeded. At Stems we are all about the creative aspects of this business, and we are master communicators and put a ton of effort into creating visual proposals so the look of your event comes to life right before your eyes.

the process

First Meeting: we get to know you. What is your vision, what are your aspirations, and what are you hoping to achieve? We ask a lot of questions, we have fun getting the chance to get to know each other, and we look through tons of visuals together at our studio.

Vision Board and Proposal: after our meeting, we will send you both an itemized budget proposal tailored to your preferences, as well as a visual inspiration board so you have a clear and organized vision of what is being proposed.

Updates: as other elements of your event are coming together… such as layout, timelines, catering choices, dress and attire, etc… we are continuing the tweak and change the design plan, to make sure all elements of your event are coming together seamlessly. It’s a fluid process that we are continually updating as necessary.

Mockup Meeting: clients love this stage because your big day starts to become even more real as we present a sneak peek of one of your centerpiece designs at our studio. We set the table for you with all the elements of design we have discussed during the planning stages - which often means seeing the linens, paper goods, china, flatware, and of course floral designs all together. It’s a champagne-toasting, camera-clicking type of moment. And of course we are still finalizing the details and changing things as desired since now there is a visual right before our eyes.

Final Details: typically in the final portion of the planning process, we are fine-tuning all the intimate details of your event and making sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. We hold your hand through the entire process to make sure everything is taken care of and no detail is left undone. Typically about one month prior to the big day, we are finishing the final details, so your vision plan is ready for us to execute.

Event Week: leading up to the event day, we are busy bees at the studio gathering all your supplies, securing the best florals from our partners around the world, and organizing all your special details. It takes many hands to produce our events and we all have unique talents that go into this part of the process. We love to give our clients sneak peeks during this phase to get excited about the big day.

Event Day: our events are typically all-day set ups with multiple delivery vehicles and many designers required. We work hand in hand with wedding planners, venues, catering companies and all the other vendors to make sure everything is set up according to your expectations and completed on time. We pride ourselves on organization, making things seamless, and producing stylish event concepts - so the event day is where we truly shine. While you relax with family and friends, we are behind the scenes making sure your vision is brought to life.