Abby: owner boss lady | event producer | visual director | momma of 9-year-old future event designer | favorite colors are black and white | lover of over-the-top | extreme perfectionist | orchids make everything better | dreamer

Abby grew up in the wedding business here in Austin and literally has thousands of weddings and events under her belt and over a decade’s worth of experience. With a work ethic that would politely be described as “tireless”, she works endless hours to make sure every event we do is perfect and not only up to her client’s expectations, but to hers as well — which Abby herself is often the hardest to please.

Natalie: operations manager | event designer | momma of 3-year-old dancing king | chips and dip lover | firm believer in coral peonies | spray paint master | color expert | whip-cracker | clean freak

Natalie has an artistic touch and a keen eye for design, but it is her willingness to go the extra mile for her clients that sets her apart. As stated above, it is not just a job for us, it is a passion, and Natalie exudes that. Natalie has been with STEMS since day and has helped shape the company into what it is today. Her years of experience in floral artistry is a strong asset for our team. In addition to designing, Natalie is also our operations manager - she keeps us all in line, and makes sure we are where we need to be when we need to be.

Austin: communications director | event designer | dry sarcasm-maker | mother of codependant dog, Kiki | kolache Queen | computer problem-figureouter | photo taker | huge lover of post-its

In our world where creativity is king, Austin is no exception, and she expertly guides clients through the design process. Her drive and enthusiasm for the industry is infectious and she will win you over in a heartbeat. In addition to designing events, she makes sure the STEMS blog train continues chugging along - keeping all our most-recent events and inspiration flowing.

Rachel: studio manager | event designer | foraging queen | magical unicorn | compote master | sketching mastermind | constant mover | pretty-things obsessed

We like to say that Rachel is our magical unicorn because she is seriously... that... talented. This girl creates the most beautiful designs, we are so lucky to have her on the team. And as our foraging expert, she is always on the lookout for that special touch to add to our designs - clippers in hand wherever she goes, you never know what she is going to surprise us with at the studio. Rachel is a busy bee around the studio, never sitting still for one second - she keeps us moving on days we are making things in the studio! Our clients all get to see the results of having this magical unicorn on the team.


Corey: manager of STEMS Productions | Abby's hubby | will find an excuse to use power tools in any situation | does the "Charlie work" | jokester | always wears a beanie | or a poncho | usually the one on a ladder

Corey is responsible for hand crafting most of the rental items you see in our Productions inventory. Essentially it is his job to build the crazy ideas we come up with. It is also his job to deliver and install these items, which are usually fragile and always heavy. He is behind the scenes for most clients, but an invaluable member of the team!! His “dad jokes” also keep us going on busy days. Pictures speak louder than words, Corey’s artistry is featured all over the pages of STEMS Productions.

Jill: studio and warehouse manager | floral design expert | maker of inappropriate commentary | freesia-enthusiast | garland-making champ | boutonniere Queen | lover of loud, screaming music | eternal optimist

Jill manages our “flower lab” making sure the hundreds and hundreds of blooms we get in each week stay healthy and happy. In addition to the flower inventory, Jill manages our supplies making sure we have every little thing we need to make an event successful. Jill keeps things moving forward, all the while checking and double-checking to keep everyone on track.

Tiffany: office manager | event designer | dog lover | spring rolls adict | poppies and peonies believer | creative crafter | candy Queen | John Mayer Groupie

Everyone will get to know Tiffany, as the office manager of STEMS. Keeping the flow of information organized in the office is so extremely important when you are in the business of details, and she handles it with ease. As a designer, Tiffany truly excels – her gift for creating beautiful arrangements was apparent right from the start. She effortlessly guides clients through the creative process with her warm spirit and eye for design. An Austin-transplant from Salt Lake City with over a decade of experience in design - you are in great hands you guys!


Production Crew

• Assisting managers with setting up events
• Breaking down events at night when the event has ended
• Loading vans
• Moving supplies
• Making floral arrangements in the studio
• Gathering supplies and getting things organized
• Prepping flowers as they arrive to the studio
• Cleaning up from the weekend

Ideal Applicant
• Hard working person with an interest in the event industry
• Likes a physically-active, fast-paced work environment
• Creative person with an interest in floral design
• Detail oriented with the ability to follow instructions
• Not afraid to get your hands dirty

• Available to work about 10 hours per week, with shifts typically occurring Wednesday – Sunday between 9AM and 6PM and Saturday evenings roughly 11PM – 1 AM
• Reliable transportation to and from our studio in Northwest Austin
• Must be up to the challenge of a physically demanding job - we are on our feet all day moving things