At STEMS, we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to anything that may happen on-site. We've been thrown some crazy curve balls over the years, but those challenges have only made us more confident in our on-the-fly skills. We pull out all the stops to make sure that every single event is perfect and up to the high standards we set for ourselves. Sometimes that means Ruth walking on tables to complete the giant centerpieces (always protecting the linens, of course), Jill climbing up extension ladders to decorate archways or Corey and Michael lugging furniture across a venue or trying to figure out how to hang a giant planter box from the ceiling. This kind of attention to detail can only be accomplished by a top notch group of individuals who are able to come together as a team when it matters the most. We have our fair share of cuts and bruises, late nights in the studio and our hands smell like eucalyptus most of the time...but all that hard work translates into seriously stunning events that we are so proud of.