DIY Project: Wine Bottle Candles

Today we are making wine bottle candles for a rehearsal dinner.  It's actually quite easy to do at home!  And can be a really affordable centerpiece if you don't mind a little elbow grease.  Here is how to do it...

Step one: Tiffany is using steel wool to scrub off the labels.  This is the most tedious part of the whole process.  We let the bottles soak overnight to soften them up.  We found that some labels came off easily, and some took longer.  On the tough ones, goo gone did the trick.  Wear gloves!

Step two: Shea is using a glass cutter (home depot) to make a clean cut all the way around the bottle.  We used vice grips to hold the bottle in place while spinning the bottle, so it's a clean line.  We found it is important to make a pretty deep cut, which helps in the next step.

Step three: Shea and Ruth are dipping the cut bottles in boiling water followed by ice-cold water, followed by boiling water and then ice-cold water, until the bottom falls off.  Sometimes a tap with a rubber mallet will help if it doesn't come off on its own.  We found that some bottles did not break cleanly—so you will need more bottles than you actual need to account for breakage.  I'd say one in every four broke or did not come out completely smooth.

Step four:  The last step is to sand the bottoms so they are smooth and won't cut linens or scratch surfaces.

And there you have it!  We'll post updated pictures from our event once we get them so you can see the final look!