Designer Profile: Shea McFarland

We are starting a new tradition today of introducing the people behind STEMS, one at a time to show you exactly who is behind your wedding or special event.  It takes a whole team of us and each person brings unique talents to the table.  So today we are introducing Shea McFarland....

....or as we like to call him... Breaky Shea.  Shea is definitely one of our multi-talented designers.  He did earn the nickname Breaky Shea because he has at times knocked over a cylinder or two.  However, don't think for one second the occasional blunder means he has all thumbs... Shea is actually our resident artist in the studio—he does all those beautiful sketches you see on our pinterest boards and on your proposals.

His talents do not end with pencils... STEMS is often called upon to create "art installations" and very often Shea is involved in the production of these amazing creations.

Photos by Bill McCullough Photography

Photo by Ashley Garmon Photography

When not wearing his STEMS Floral hat, Shea is also involved with STEMS Productions.  You cannot be afraid of heights for this part of the job.  When you need a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, or a cocktail table suspended from a tree, or fabric draped in the ceiling, or branches installed at the top of the Driskill columns... Shea is often the one of the ladder...

We could not do what we do without our multi-talended individuals, and Shea is no exception.  Thank you Shea for your tireless dedication, your one-of-a-kind talent, and your exceptional ability to keep us all laughing.

Shea's recent work....  Enjoy!

Photo by A La Vie Photography

Photo by Jenny DeMarco Photography

Photo by Taylor Lord Photography