Designer Profile: Ruth Mayer

Today we want to introduce to you another extremely important individual behind the STEMS team, Ruth Mayer....

...or as we like to call her...  The Hammer.  Ruth is absolutely behind each and every single event.  She is our productions manager, which means she actually produces/makes most of the beautiful things you see in our portfolio.  She is in charge of keeping all the staff going on production days... so do not be fooled by her size—she puts the hammer down and keeps us all in line to make sure everything is made and we are all organized for deliveries.  Speaking of size, Ruth has unique abilities due to her size... typically she is the one literally on the tables helping us place those large, heavy arrangements.

Or sometimes when duty calls, she is the perfect person to clean out those large lucite boxes.

But clearly there is more to Ruth than just her size.  As one of our top designers, her eye for design has been apparent since day one with STEMS.

Photo by Taylor Lord Photography

Photo by Taylor Lord Photography

Ruth has many talents, including her ability to sew.  All our fabric draping, fabric-wrapped boxes, floral gowns, and essentially anything and everything than involves fabric is done by Ruth.

Ruth is also our bouquet expert, she makes most of the bouquets that grace the pages of magazines and almost all of the bouquets you see in our portfolio... they have become her specialty.

Photo by AJH Photography

Clearly we could do not what we do without her—thank you Ruth for your unending devotion to getting a job done, and your gifted abilities in all areas of design, and your unique ability to keep all us right-brained artists in line.

Ruth's recent work... Cheers!

Photo by Stella Alesi

Photo by Stella Alesi