Abby's Advice: Know What You're Getting Into

How many times have we all seen something on Pinterest and said, "that would be easy!" Everyone has done it, and most of us have felt in over our heads trying to finish the project. We're professionals who bring ideas to life every week and we know this stuff is hard. You hired us for a reason, ask for our advice and we'll always point you in the most logical direction. 

Jenny DeMarco Photography

Jenny DeMarco Photography


What Pinterest doesn't show you is the days, sometimes weeks, of preparation and hours of setup time that it takes to make a pretty concept to a stunning reality for your wedding day. Planners, floral designers, caterers, and all other event professionals exist to make your life easier. 


We are experienced in event design and are capable of overcoming any issues during production and setup. We know which candles will last all night and which ones will burn out before the cake is cut. We know that ribbon walls outside can become a disaster. We know that arches from craft stores will likely fall down.  We know that taper candles will create a crazy mess and ruin linens without proper technique. This is our passion and our job! Let your wedding professionals work with you and for you to create the most magical day possible!