Abby's Advice: LOVE Your Contract!

We put a ton of effort into our contracts, with very precise details and lots of visual images to help you picture what you are buying.  If any part of it you are not crazy about, then lets change it!  From colors to individual flowers to layout- we really think about how every detail will effect your wedding day. We're proud of every proposal that we send, but ultimately it's YOUR wedding, not ours! You need to feel comfortable and secure when you sign a contract, not rushed and pressured. We'll keep revising until you're 100% happy.

And be wary of contracts that are too vague about what you are purchasing… this can lead to miscommunications and day-of let downs.  This is probably the most detailed and expensive floral purchase you'll ever make. We want that big decision to be as smooth and clear as possible.  We go above and beyond to make sure that your experience with us is pleasant and easy from the first meeting 'til happily ever after! 

Ask questions! Don't leave any room for crossed wires or confusion. If you're not completely satisfied with any item on your contract, speak up! Your STEMS designer will work with you on just about anything. It's our job to make sure that you're happy and totally at ease with your purchase!