The Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

We are constantly amazed by the beauty of the flowers all around us – so this week, we thought it would be fun to research the symbolic meaning of some of our favorites.  Here is what we found on the language of flowers... so you know what is going into your designs (at least according to wikipedia).

STEMS (Left)  |   Loft Photography  (Right)

STEMS (Left)  |  Loft Photography (Right)

Austin Imagery  (Left)  |   Ashley Garmon  (Middle)  |   Nichols Photo  (Right)

Austin Imagery (Left)  |  Ashley Garmon (Middle)  |  Nichols Photo (Right)

Red roses: true love

White roses: purity

Yellow roses: friendship

Pink roses: grace

Blush roses: desire

Burgundy: unconscious beauty

Coral: passion

Lavender: love at first sight

Brittany Brooks  (Left)  |  STEMS (Right)

Brittany Brooks (Left)  |  STEMS (Right)

Red tulips: undying love

Purple tulips: forever love

White tulips: one-sided love

Yellow tulips: hopeless love

STEMS (Left)  |   The Mill Photography Studio  (Middle)  |  STEMS (Right)

STEMS (Left)  |  The Mill Photography Studio (Middle)  |  STEMS (Right)

STEMS (Left)  |   Taylor Lord Photography  (Right)

STEMS (Left)  |  Taylor Lord Photography (Right)

Urban Grey  (Left)  |  STEMS (Right)

Urban Grey (Left)  |  STEMS (Right)

Matthew Moore  (Left)  |   Stella Alesi  (Right)

Matthew Moore (Left)  |  Stella Alesi (Right)

Christina Carroll  (Left)  |  STEMS (Right)

Christina Carroll (Left)  |  STEMS (Right)

Lacy Dagerath  (Left)  |   Loft Photo  (Right)

Lacy Dagerath (Left)  |  Loft Photo (Right)

Caroline's Collective  (Left)  |   Hyde Park Photo  (Right)
STEMS (Left)  |   Mint Photography  (Right)

STEMS (Left)  |  Mint Photography (Right)

Christina Carroll  (Left) |   Debra Gulbas  (Right)

Christina Carroll (Left) |  Debra Gulbas (Right)