Customizable Cocktail Hour

Meet our new line of bars - which we built to be interchangeable so that they can be completely customized to any design and any color.  Read between the lines... this means you can design WHATEVER YOU WANT!  To get the ideas flowin', we designed three bars and styled them at Barr Mansion with Mint Photography and all our furniture... to give your creativity a starting point for your own event.  The sky is the limit - it's design time, you guys.

STEMS Floral Design + Productions | Mint Photography | Barr Mansion

Cheers Bar - soft gray bar accented with sprawling silver dollar eucalyptus and coordinating STEMS' lounge furniture with garden-inspired florals in rose quarts and serenity.

Monogram Bar - what wedding doesn't love a good, custom monogram?  In this design we played off rich blues and crisp whites to create a chic summer look, styled here with our lounge benches.  And due to our current obsession with monstera leaves, we had to work those in somewhere, I mean really.

Geometric Bar - while all our bars we designed for this shoot hold a special place in our hearts, this one may top the rest.  A true labor of love getting this one just right.  A bold pattern of rose gold, white, natural and dark gray make this look a natural stand-out in any crowd.  The bright, modern flowers and mixed metallic accent tables really finish off this STEMS' lounge.

And there you have it - one bar, three ways, in one beautiful Farmstead.  We hope this has you inspired because we would love to add your concept to our fleet for your next event!  These designs are of course available as well should you have fallen in love with any of ours - we won't blame you.