The Face Behind STEMS: Carrie

What is there to say about the beautiful Carrie? She jumped into this crazy business with both feet and has made herself an invaluable member of our team. Her fringed bangs, bright lipstick and even brighter personality make her such a joy to have around. She was brand new to flowers and now she's pumping out gorgeous compotes and lush greenery runners with the best of 'em. She even led our entire team during our major productions shoot this summer and totally rocked it out, keeping everyone on track and in the right places. She's passionate, caring and always up for the next crazy adventure in this forever-changing industry! We hope you learn just a little bit more about this face behind STEMS! 

The Face Behind STEMS: Jill

The garland queen, the lover of all things caffeinated and her favorite Dollar Store sunglasses. To say that Jill is one of a kind would be a real understatement. She's as unique as her bright orange hair and keeps everyone in our studio on their toes. Jill has been making arrangements since she was a little girl but started her official floral career back in 2000, becoming certified in 2008. And she's been making things beautiful with STEMS for almost 3 years now. She's hard-working, passionate and filled with every random flower fact in the book (literally, all of them). We hope you learn a little bit more about the most energetic and vibrant face of STEMS! 

The Face Behind STEMS: Natalie

Over the next few months, we want to give our followers a little more detail about the faces behind STEMS. Natalie is the Operations Manager as well as being a full-time designer. She's the one who keeps us in line and makes sure we get to the right place every weekend with enough hands to get the job done. When she's not at STEMS, you can find Natalie hanging with Dash, the cutest two-year-old ever (sorry, North West). Natalie is passionate, creative and more organized than pretty much everyone (two words: color coded). She's the bouquet queen, the master of schedules, a lover of fried chicken and an invaluable part of this team.