Barr Mansion Tasting

Date: March 22, 2013 Venue: Barr Mansion

STEMS Flowers: seasonal greenery and foliages including lemonade sumac, bay laurel, rosemary, oregano, and brunia baubles

STEMS Productions: chalkboard table runner, silver candelabras, chalkboard silhouette chair backs, place cards, place settings, table numbers

Photographer: Matthew Moore Photography 0007_Barr_03-13 0019_Barr_03-13 0025_Barr_03-13 0026_Barr_03-13 0171_Barr_03-13 0017_Barr_03-13 0015_Barr_03-13 0016_Barr_03-13 0010_Barr_03-13 0004_Barr_03-13 0005_Barr_03-13 0001_Barr_03-13 0003_Barr_03-13