Inspiration: Glitter Butterflies

At the last ISES meeting we did flowers for—I was inspired to create something based on a random arts and craft projects I did with my three-year-old.  It all started with GLITTER BUTTERFLIES.  Oh my goodness you can get some really great butterflies covered in glitter.  We made our own though, and I let Sydney pick the colors.  Naturally, she chose her favorite color purple.  I picked gold because if you're going with glitter butterflies, why not.  Then since it was so much fun... I designed centerpieces around them.  And what goes better with gold and purple butterflies?  A gold tree stump of course.  Thus the idea was born and ISES had whimsical fairytale centerpieces for their next party.  Only regret... no close ups of the butterflies....  Enjoy!