the estimator for florists

We offer floral designers, spending too much time with busy work, who want to understand how to price correctly, and who need a better proposal system... an easy-to-use excel file that will transform the way you create proposals and give you more time to do what you love, while feeling confident in what you are charging. 

We are florists too, so we truly understand wanting to have less busy work, to be more organized, to price correctly, and to know your profit margins. We also understand that it’s overwhelming to switch systems, but the beauty of this program is that it’s a simple Excel file and very easy to use.  And we know sometimes it is not easy to determine a successful pricing structure when you are first getting started, so the estimator program comes with one-on-one mentoring to make sure that the file is tailored to pricing formulas that work for you.  A one-time payment — once you own it, you own it for life.  Or we do offer a monthly payment plan for those wanting to spread out the payment structure.

Don’t postpone this next step in the growth of your business. You’ve worked too hard for too long and deserve to get back to doing what you love. After 14 years of perfecting our system and thousands of proposals later, we are excited to share this with you.

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“From day one, I knew the biggest obstacle I would have when I opened my business would be to make sure it could produce a viable profit! I had worked with many florists where at the end of every event their margins were totally off from what they had originally set out to keep. I wasn’t so worried about sales but maintaining a profitable margin from those sales was an entirely different thing! I was constantly frustrated with over-spending and not having a system in place that could help streamline our ordering process. After having done a few trials with two other programs I was even more frustrated because they were complicated and had too many bells and whistles. I knew exactly what I wanted out of a program and it didn’t need to be crazy, over the top complex! I decided it probably just didn’t exist until I found this estimator! The estimator program was so simple and exactly what we needed to feel like we had a system in place that would keep us accountable to staying within our margins. To say that I was relieved would be an understatement! If you own a floral business and feel like you can’t keep up with all the chaos please do yourself a favor and invest in this estimator. It will make a world of a difference for your company. Our ordering process is exponentially more accurate and most importantly so is our final margin per event! Thank you so much Abby for sharing your amazing program with us!”